The Spongewarehouse is owned and operated by “The Sponge Company” a major source of natural sponges in the United States and the world.  We buy or import raw sea sponges from all major fishing areas in the world: the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the South Pacific. Sponges come raw into our warehouse (located in Deer Park, Long Island, New York) where they are cut, cleaned and processed by experienced technicians. After they are processed our sponges are sorted (and packaged when necessary) with final destination three major industries (among many other smaller trade areas):

  1. Cosmetics and bath accessories.
  2. Paint, hardware and janitorial/cleaning supplies.
  3. Arts & crafts.

Since its establishment, over 26 years ago, our company was based on providing excellent quality and dependable service. In the sponge industry, these two premises are not as commonplace as they sound because:

  • Sea sponges, our first material, are neither readily available nor uniform in quality and structure. Providing the right sea sponges to specific industries presupposes having a large inventory to choose from.  Often, sea sponges of the same biological species vary greatly in cellular density, which directly affects their quality. Quality in sponges is measure in 4 major ways: absorbance, softness, durability and finally appearance..

  • Processing of natural sponges (cleaning, cutting, sorting, bleaching, trimming, etc.), is a highly specialized craftsmanship resembling in many respects the diamond business or the fur trade. The major goal of processing sea sponges is to enhance the quality of each sponge by eliminating, as much as possible, natural defects.

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